Our Water

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01 / Our sacred origin — In the Sardinian town of Tempio (Italian for Temple), in the sacred and serene heart of North Sardinia

lies a mountain of granite rock called Monti di Deu (Italian for God's Mountain) renowned for the purity of its water and the ancient mineral salts that enrich it.

02 / Our real plant — The granite rock of God’s Mountain creates a natural filtration that leads to a rare mix of mineral salts, giving this pristine water its unique lightness and taste.

03 / Smeraldina Water, Rare Gift from Nature


Below this granite colossus, nearly 1,000 feet beneath the Earth, is the aquifer that protects the legendary water of Sardinia, now known to the world as Smeraldina Water.

Its remarkably balanced concentration of sodium, silica, calcium, magnesium, and potassium is why we call Smeraldina Water a Rare Gift from Nature.